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Open folding arm awnings

Slim design for protected mounting
  • Retractable patio awnings made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel components. A beautiful awning solution suitable for any balcony, terrace or patio.
  • Only recommended in places where closed folding arm awnings are protected.
  • Fabric shaft and mechanism completely protected
  • Suitable for protected area on balcony and terrace
  • Optics: technology, folding arms and fabric roll completely visible when closed
  • Valance and optional rain cover as protection
Blue striped awning
Blue striped awning 2
Striped awning with valence
Proven technology, slim design and modern fabric collection
Open folding arm awnings are used for areas where the closed in sheltered locations, e.g. roof overhang. The closed fabric and the technology (including folding arms) lie open and are thus exposed to the weather conditions relatively unprotected. A rain cover is optionally available as basic protection. The high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components are therefore, as with all our awnings, permanently weatherproof. The valance is the only view protection on technology and arms. The open hinged arms are always visible from below. Open folding arm awnings are traditionally used in protected areas on balconies and terraces - Download Brochure PDF
Sleeve awnings

Well protected when retracted
  • For areas with high demands on weather resistance
  • The rolled up fabric enjoys full protection with the sleeve and rain cover. Technology and folding arms are open and exposed to the weather.
  • Suitable for balcony and terrace
  • Optics: technology and folding arms are visible from below, valance available as design front profile instead of fabric volant
  • Volant as visual protection for the technology
  • Models as double awning
Orange stripe awning
Orange stripe awning other view
Striped retractable awning
Best all-round protection for the retracted fabric roll
The sleeve awning offers complete all-round protection for the retracted fabric roll. The awning fabric lies in a protected aluminium sleeve. The technology and folding arms are free, but this does not cause any technical problems. All components are made of weather-resistant aluminium and stainless steel and guarantee reliable long-term functionality. In contrast to the cassette awning, the folding arms of the sleeve awning are visible when closed. However, the ERHARDT BS-H Deluxe offers an elegant design profile instead of a fabric volant. A really beautiful solution for use as a balcony awning and terrace awning - Download Brochure PDF
Cassette awnings

Best protection in an elegant design
  • For the highest demands on weather resistance
  • Roll of cloth, technology and folding arms lie retracted and protected all around in the cassette
  • Suitable for balcony and terrace
  • Discreet and elegant appearance: technology, folding arms and cloth roll not visible when closed
  • Volant and optional rain cover as protection
Aluminium awning housing
Aluminium awning housing black aluminium
Cassette awning
Proven technology, slim design and modern fabric collection
Cassette awnings combine best protection for terrace and balcony with modern and elegant optics. When the cassette awnings are closed, the fabric roll, articulated arms and the complete technology are enclosed by the cassette and are therefore invisible and not exposed to environmental influences. Such protection makes this type of awning particularly robust and therefore ideally suited for areas that are frequently exposed to rain and dirt. With our different cassette designs, the awnings can be perfectly adapted to personal taste and architecture - Download Brochure PDF
Double awning

Even more shade if you need it
  • Sophisticated addition to a standard shading system
  • The awning with vario-valance can be extended up to 1.60 m
  • With this type of awning, an additional vertical shading system can be fitted
  • Operation by crank or radio control possibl
Grey awning
Green srtipe awning
Green and white awning
A trend with noticeable benefits and real added value
The awning with vario-valance is an ingenious addition to a standard terrace shade with noticeable benefits and real added value. With this awning type, in addition to the horizontal awning, a vertical awning can be lowered on the front profile . This not only increases the shadow area, but also provides additional glare protection against low sunlight and prevents curious looks from outside. A Soltis cloth provides a light-hearted view of the garden, but does not allow a view of the terrace from the outside - Download Brochure PDF
Side awning

More privacy and weather protection
  • Side awning with a flexible height
  • Optimal privacy protection
  • Can be retracted or extended as required
  • Easy handling
Side awning
Side awning housing
Large side awning
Simple solution for noticeably more living comfort and privacy
The side screen awning with a free choice of height. That makes it an ideal solution for when the sun is low, the wind is uncomfortable or curious glances are unwelcome. The side screen awning offers ideal privacy protection on balconies, patios and terraces.
The simplest of operation – the awning fabric can be extended or retracted quickly and easily with a single motion - Download Brochure PDF
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