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Outdoor Comfort All Year Round

Enhance your outdoor space with a garden pergola. Create shade by adding a pergola with a roof. Made of aluminium our pergola designs offer a varied choice. All have modern shading in a refined design. They provide maximum protection for your terrace or patio. Offering ambience with dimmable LED's and intelligent, concealed drainage.

Square pergola
Pergola with awning
Arched pergola

Refined design and innovative outdoor pergola

With its QUBE series, ERHARDT Markisen has extended its range of pergolas. The QUBE is a modular pergola for complete sun protection. It looks extremely elegant due to its slim profiles, and is flexible and expandable in a modular manner. It combines design and functionality with maximum comfort, and thus protects your terrace. This lets you extend your outdoor season. It is an “ingenious” solution for protecting yourself from the sun, rain, wind and heat.
Azenco product video
The Verandas below come with a glass roof and awning above roof, glass frame less sliding doors to one side and fixed glass frame the other side, open front.
Pergola design
Pergola 1
- Maximum dimensions: 1300 x 500 cm
- Wall mounting
- Pergola awning
QUBE Lamella
Pergola 2
- Maximum dimensions: 400 x 810 cm
- free-standing design wall mounting on construction at the installation site
- Qube Lamella
Pergola 3
- Maximum dimensions: 550 x 1000 cm
- Wall mounting possible, free-standing, wall mounting
- with arched curtain
QUBE Center
Pergola 4
- Maximum dimensions: 1300 x 650 cm
- Wall mounting
- Folding pergola
Pergola awnings

Sturdy aluminium for flexible weather protection


  • Pergola awning with a high-quality aluminium cassette
  • All-round protection for cloth and technology
  • Two guide rails for the cloth and fixed supports at the end of the failure
  • Perfect sun protection and from 15° inclination also optimal rain protection
  • The various mounting brackets allow almost all types of installation – even on difficult house facades.
Orange awning
Front awning
Large awning

The aluminium pergola awning for flexible weather protection

Pergola awnings can be used for small or very large areas (e.g. small balconies, patios, roof terraces, other terraces or for restaurant use). Pergola awnings are the ideal choice for exposed locations subject to strong winds and also offer comprehensive protection.
The pergola can be equipped with vertical or side awnings for additional privacy and sun protection (for when the sun is low). The ERHARDT Zip with its concealed zipper system is our special recommendation for this purpose. This vertical awning can be integrated perfectly at any time and also offers an increased level of wind protection - Download Brochure PDF
Azenco R-Sky bioclimatic pergola

R-Sky pergola is the only one in the market with a modular roof. Indeed, in addition to its sliding doors, it is also its roof that will open to you… It allows using your patio in summer and winter, and in all weather.


  • R-Sky pergola is the only one in the market with a modular roof. Indeed, in addition to its sliding doors, it is also its roof that will open to you… It allows using your patio in summer and winter, and in all weather.
  • From the first frosts, furniture and plants will be protected and from the first sunbeam, your patio will be discovered to let you enjoy the garden.
Bioclimatic pergola
Terrace pergola
Bioclimatic pergola in grey
A pergola adjustable to all types of terraces and patios
Made of aluminum, qualified Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the bioclimatic pergola can be configured in different ways such as wall support, partially fixed against a wall and on poles. She can be supported by poles or fixed between walls facing each other. During periods of heavy rain or snow, the Azenco bioclimatic pergola resists very well. The accumulated water on the roof is drained into the poles of the pergola. The roof of your pergola is an opening structure, it can slide to enjoy the view on a summer night for example. The sunroof opens manually or automatically.
Azenco R-Blade bioclimatic pergola

Functionality and aesthetic


  • The bioclimatic blade pergola Azenco perfectly matches your outdoor space to fit in all housing styles: modern, contemporary or classic
  • Protect from the sun in summer and allows the light and heat to penetrate in winter. Thanks to the air circulation between the blades, natural ventilation is provided by R-Blade. The blades are waterproof. The water evacuation is almost invisible, flowing directly into each pole.
Bioclimatic pergola  blade
R blade pergola on terrace
Bioclimatic pergola over dining table
A modular and adaptable pergola
Made of aluminum, qualified Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the R-Blade pergola is fully adjustable and adapts to all types of terraces whether large, small, leaning or completely independent.
The R-Blade pergola can be equipped with an automated solution allowing better climate management with a sensor system: rain sensor for automatic closing, wind sensor for automatic opening in case of strong wind and temperature sensor integrated into the automatic opening in case of snow or frost conditions.
Azenco R-Wind pergola awning

A roof for your deck, patio or terrace

  • Against the wall of your house or completely independent, the R-Wind awning will protect you from bad weather and sun.
  • Ideal to enjoy your terrace during inter-seasons, it will protect your furniture from leaves and humidity. It will allow you to eat outside more comfortably.
Fixed awning
Fixed pergola awning roof
Large image of fixed awning
An economical and multifunction protection
The R-Wind awning is a practical solution to prolong the pleasure of being outside and enjoy the garden. As soon as the sun appears, you can eat out, or relax and chat; everything is permitted.
The R-Wind awning can be leaned, adjoined or totally independent.
The support is made with certified thermolacquered aluminum Qualicoat Qualimarine guaranteed for 10 years.
Azenco R-Shade pergola

The Pergola with insulating sandwich panels

  • A European design structure together with an extraordinary quality and experience. R-SHADE adapts to all outdoor spaces and integrates with all architectural styles: modern, contemporary or classic.
  • It fully optimizes its outdoor space. The R-Shade protects from the sun in summer and allows light to enter in winter. It is also waterproof and wind resistant.
  • The main advantages of this bioclimatic pergola are: versatility, resistance to bad weather and its modern design that follows the latest trends in the sector. Not counting the guarantee that we offer at AZENCO, 10 years for the powder coating and the structure and 2 years for the electrical components.
Fixed awning
Fixed awning
shade pergola
The Azenco group offers you a new innovative product for your terrace experience.
The R-shade pergola combines several technologies in a single structure. Its design adapts to different styles of outdoor spaces. It is suitable for classic, modern or contemporary homes. It combines comfort, insulation, waterproofing and beauty. This model of bioclimatic pergola has a flat roof and so-called sandwich panels.
Trendy and modern, the bioclimatic pergola is an added value for your home. You can lean it against the wall of the house to make it a designer extension. Otherwise install it as a stand-alone in the garden.

Other example of Pergola designs available from our suppliers
  • Bio-climatic louvered roof - open can be glazed - with blinds - options heating - solar sensor - wind sensor both to open & close when weather changes.
  • Free standing or against wall/building.
  • Fixed or retractable louvred roof.
Supplying the hospitality industry
Many hoteliers, restaurants and cafes depend on their open-air space to distinguish them from their rivals, so displaying this space with an excellent outside open or covered construction can help entice customers in and to appreciate the ambience and vistas regardless of the weather.
For hospitality businesses requiring a fast, simple and affordable change to their outside space one of our pergolas or canopies could be the ideal arrangement. Both pragmatic and beautiful, they give shade and protection from the elements.
For existing verandas and pergolas, outside blinds can be mounted to the top and sides to give powerful protection from the sun or rain, establishing a comfortable climate throughout the entire year.
Shades and pergolas offer an incredible expansion to large open spaces, particularly when supplied with your own personalisation including remote controlled retractable or sliding rooftops, sliding glass, zip screens, separate passage entryways, climate sensors and LED lighting and radiators.
Cafe with pergola
Azenco hot tub enclosure

Living outside from the inside shielded from the wind, and the cold, thanks to the spa enclosure.
  • Compliments its surroundings.
  • Practical and lightweight, this spa enclosure is easy to handle and maintain. The glass doors open and close effortlessly.
  • Can be adapted to suit all types of hot tubs
  • If the space around your pool is not ideal for an enclosure, we suggest that you consider a bioclimatic pergola.
new hot tub enclosure
Front awning
Large hot tub enclosure
Stay happy and healthy all year long
Enjoy using your hot tub all year round shielded from the wind, the rain and the cold, thanks to the Azenco spa enclosure.
Aesthetic, offering a view to the outside from the inside, this spa enclosure allows you to enjoy moments of well-being when ever you want.
Financing your project
We are able to offer finance to assist you with your purchase. You could spread the cost over 2 to 10 years. All loans are subject to status and credit checks. If you require more information about our finance deals please contact us for a quotation.
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